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I support individuals in building their self-esteem, and reducing their anxiety, shame, and stress in counselling.

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You struggle to balance personal and professional expectations. Or perhaps you are a people pleaser, does this sound familiar?

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You struggle with a critical, harsh, and negative inner dialogue. Let’s change this in counselling. 

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Hi, my name is Leena, and I’m a South Asian counsellor.

I’m a registered clinical counsellor (#19438) here to support you. Let’s talk about how counselling can help you.

You may be reaching out because:

Your goal is to feel less frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed. You want to feel more in control of your thoughts and not ruminate or catastrophe. You want to build your self-esteem and self-confidence. Finally, you want to focus on where your shame or anxiety stems from and you want to heal your inner child. 

Reach out today if any of the above resonates with you.

What I Provide

Counselling Services

You may feel awkward, embarrassed, or uncomfortable reaching out. I’m here to reassure you that it takes strength and courage to start counselling. 


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Connect, Explore, Heal

Human beings are social beings and we all need connection. When these connections are weak, lost, or disrupted, this can be challenging, upsetting, and frustrating. It can impact your relationships with others around you and with yourself. You may blame yourself for losing a connection with someone you loved or cared about. You may give yourself a hard time and feel guilty. We unpack this together in counselling and work on strengthening your relationship with yourself. Some of our work together may include you forgiving yourself and showing yourself the same kindness you show to others.

In counselling, I remain curious each time we work together and have a session. I explore your experiences, struggles, and feelings with your permission. I may invite you to become a detective and to bring your awareness to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. I may also encourage you to become curious about how your anxiety surfaces, for example, or how your stress feels inside your body. This insight provides me guidance on how I can best support you and how we can start your healing journey.

In counselling, you can begin to heal your inner child, past wounds, or process the abuse and trauma you experienced. As your counsellor, I support you on your healing journey and I work with you at your pace. Imagine for a moment that the different parts of your life are like pieces of a puzzle. Together we work on this puzzle and sometimes a part may not fit and perhaps we pause and explore why this may be. We don’t have to work on the same puzzle every session, you may want to explore something else and that’s okay. You decide what we focus on in counselling.

registered clinical counsellor (#19438) Burnaby, BC

Summary of counselling services

It can be difficult sometimes to slow down and take a moment for yourself when your life is busy and you are managing several expectations. I work alongside you, at your pace and create a safe and supportive space for you to share your experiences.

Individual counselling for adults and youth – $140 for a 50-minute session

Counselling to build self-esteem – I support individuals who want to build their self-esteem and self-confidence. There are several reasons why some people struggle with low self-esteem including; growing up with a critical parent, experiencing verbal abuse from a parent as a child or youth, and experiencing bullying at school or work. In counselling, we work together to reduce negative thoughts and beliefs and we replace them with positive ones.

Counselling to reduce stress – I support individuals who want to feel less stressed and overwhelmed. Sometimes work, family commitments, school, or your relationship with your partner makes you feel stressed. In counselling, we work together and explore how you cope when you feel stressed and what may help you feel less stressed. For example, setting boundaries with some friends or coworkers may help you.

Individual counselling for adults and youth – $140 for a 50-minute session

Counselling to reduce anxiety – I support individuals who want to feel less anxious. Sometimes social gatherings, deadlines at work, and presenting at work can trigger your anxiety. In counselling, we work together and identify how you cope when you feel anxious and where this feeling stems from. For example, some people experience anxiety as a child or young people and they continue to feel anxious as an adult.

Counselling to reduce shame – I support individuals who want to feel less shame. Sometimes cultural norms and values can leave you feeling shame. In counselling, we work together and focus on how your shame appears on the surface, how you cope with it, and what may help you feel less shame.

Couples counselling – $160 for a 50 minute session

You may feel frustrated and upset with your partner. You yearn to feel connected and heard but you find yourself arguing and feeling stuck. The more you express your frustration the more your partner withdraws. The louder you become, the quieter your partner becomes. In couples counselling, together we explore where you both feel stuck, how you both behave when you feel disconnected, and how to move forward so you don’t get stuck. We also identify attachment patterns, needs, and fears.

Clinical supervision – $150 – for a 50-minute session

As a counsellor you may be seeking clinical supervision as a new graduate or as a seasoned counsellor. I’m here to support you in supervision and I bring seven years of experience as a clinical counsellor, experience of working as a counsellor overseas, and knowledge gained from supervision training. I’m a South Asian, approved clinical supervisor and I’ve supervised both students and counsellors.


Individual or couples counselling can support you with both current and past issues.

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